Settle Down - Calming Essential Oil Spray

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Settle Down essential oil aromatherapy spray, made with pure, certified organic ingredients, isn't just for pillows at bedtime. Use Settle Down as part of an anxiety/stress relief routine. Calming.

Settle Down is a calming spray for pillow, face and body.  A great addition to the entire family's bedtime routine, and we've added witch hazel and coconut oil, so it also doubles as a hydrating facial toner. Settle Down helps in stressful or anxious situations, with a blend of organic essential oils including lavender. 

Available in 120ml and 30ml glass bottles.

Also available in 30ml bottles, renamed "Dream Catcher, pillow spray to banish all bad dreams", for kids. 

**Made in British Columbia

Ingredients: Purified water, organic witch hazel, coconut oil and a blend of pure and organic essential oils.

K'pure products are made with a minimalistic approach to wellness. Every k'pure product is formulated to work double and even triple duty with organic and all-natural ingredients. This keeps clutter to a minimum, makes packing for travel a breeze and gives peace of mind because everything is safe for the whole family to use.