Dream Catcher Spray

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Dream Catcher is Settle Down spray in a special label just for kids.
**Made in British Columbia
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This blend of pure and organic essential oils is a huge hit with babies, kids and adults alike, and kids love to spray Dream Catcher on their pillows as part of their nightly bedtime routine.
Dream Catcher is actually Settle Down spray in a special bedtime routine label for kids. Kids love spraying their pillow as part of their bad dream banishing routine. It's a comforting thought, and the calming blend of organic essential oils has been proven over and over to promote a restful sleep. A few spritzes during stressful or anxious times will work wonders too. Even if it's to take the time to close your eyes, breathe deeply and think calm thoughts. You will soon associate the scent with peace and calm. The mind is a powerful tool!
Ingredients: Purified water, witch hazel, coconut oil and a blend of pure and organic essential oils.
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