I ate sunshine for breakfast

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Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree? Ever wonder where your breakfast cereal is grown? Have you remembered to thank a bee today for the food you ate? Get ready to learn everything you never knew about plants and then some!
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Enter the incredible world of plants to learn about the green machines of the natural world. Using just the rays of the sun, trees and flowers help create everything from rubber to honey. Find out the powerful science going on in every leaf, petal and stem with vibrant illustrations that will make you look at plants in a whole new way.

From expert ecologist and educator Michael Holland, this illustrated compendium celebrates the plants in your life, from minty toothpaste to the floral names in your classroom. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the parts of a plant through to conservation, and also features DIY projects for young gardeners.

Book Dimensions: 128 pages, 10.5 X 8.31 X 0.76 in

Format: Hardcover