Classic T-Bar Baby Shoe - Gold

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Timeless, practical, and beautiful. These shoes are designed around the needs of a baby’s feet, they promote natural, healthy foot development. Perfect for scooting to crawling, cruising to tottering, and walking to running, whether indoors or out.

Canadian Brand

Soft suede sole – flexible sole is suede with 3mm of protection for little feet and is also slip-resistant.

Baby resistant velcro – stay-on shoe with strong velcro to prevent little fingers from undoing it and slipping off the shoe

Classic design - classic t-bar shoe that spans changing styles and trends

Made with leather upper and semi-soft suede soles. Velcro straps (hidden under the buckle).

0-6 months: 11 cm/size 3
6-12 months: 12 cm/size 4
12-18 months: 13 cm/size 5
18-24 months: 14 cm/size 6