Art & Creativity (on RECYCLED paper)

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Let their imagination and creativity soar with one of these art books from Londji. Printed on FSC paper and recycled cardboard using vegetable dyes.

Recommended for ages 3+

Sustainably made in Barcelona, Spain

Made with eco-friendly products including FSC paper and recycled cardboard and plant-based inks

23 x 16 cm

Art & Painting

Paint the world with your favourite colors in our activity book. A green giraffe, a dotted snail... nothing is impossible! A book for kids 3 to 6 years old.

Art & Dots

Connect the dots and, as if by magic, will appear absent-minded aliens, mice that are crazy about cheese, hungry snakes, ferocious lions, acrobat elephants, rockets flying to Pluto, and many more that will make your imagination fly. A book for kids 5 to 8 years old.

Art & Stickers

Complete, paint or even draw with stickers on this amazing activity book. 50 different activities to let your imagination run wild!

Art & Creativity

Explore a world where cork stoppers have eyes, nose and mouth, pencils have legs and pebbles wear hats. Draw as much as you want, imagine what is lacking and overall, have fun! A new colourful design and format for the classic Londji activity books.