Tornado London!!!

I'm having a hard time adjusting to not spending as much time with London. I went from being with her 24/7 (picnics everyday) to now only spending a couple hours with her in the morning. When I am finished work at 7pm by the time I get home she is in bed asleep. I am also currently working weekends, which means that my husband is with her all day Sat/Sun (no nanny) and for me that equals, no brunch, no farmer markets, no  outdoor walks (we love distillery) no snuggles/cuddles while we watch movies in bed :( Thats why when ever she comes to visit me it is the best thing ever!!! She reaches her little hands for me and has the biggest smile ever. Melts my heart every time. We have an amazing nanny, and every time they walk by the store when they are off to music class, playdate, or Starbucks she stops by and I get a few minutes with my daughter. For some reason she seems to think the store is her playroom and that all the toys belong to her. After she leaves it looks like a tornado was through the place, but I don't care! It is so worth the visit!